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Walking is becoming a focal point of health, exercise and disease prevention. The world is discovering that how we walk is how we feel. Find out what the rest of the world is saying about how we walk and how we feel.

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Problems With a Freestyle Treadmill
July 14, 2010 Dr. Sol discusses the biomechanical considerations associated with treadmill exercise.
  Diabetics Receive Comprehensive Foot Care at The Walking Clinic
May 2008 An exposé detailing the unusually comprehensive foot care provided by Dr. Sol to patients with diabetes
M.D. News
Southern Rocky Mountain Region Edition
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Flipping Over Flip-Flops
June 1, 2004 Dr. Sol discusses the perils of wearing flip-flops.
Gazette Telegraph
  Walking and Back Pain
September 6,2000 Ms. Kelly Schultz interviewed Dr. Sol at The Walking Clinic. Dr. Sol demonstrated computerized in-shoe pressure analysis and talked about walking as a repetitive motion injury to the feet, knees, legs, pelvis and spine.
Colorado Springs, CO
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The Perfect Shoes
September 2000 Cal Fussman writes about the ecstasy of well made, well fitting shoes. Dr. Sol talks about the mechanics of walking and the relationship between fit and function.
Esquire Magazine
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Walking Works Health Wonders
April 5, 2000 Dr. Sol talks about the advantages of walking. Information from the CDC regarding health benefits of walking re: weight control, heart attack, breast cancer, longevity, congition, diabetes, osteoporosis, cholesterol, stroke, etc..
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The Essential Steps of Walking Well
April 4, 2000 Dr. Sol talks about the four F's of footwear,  Sherry Brourman, PT talks about how to walk, Mr. Mark Fenton, editor-at-large of Walking Magazine talks about conditioning.
  Walk This Way-Dr. Sol's "Walking Clinic" in Colorado Springs (Cover Story)
Jan/Feb 2000 Dr. Sol discusses walking, back pain and computer-video gait and posture analysis.
Podiatric Products
  Experts Laud Benefits of Walking
April 30, 1998 Read about walking, walking style, health, fitness and shoes from numerous experts including Dr. Sol (page C9)
Post Register
Idaho Falls, ID
  The Power of Walking
March 31, 1998 Read about walking, gait style, health, fibromyalgia, arthriti and back pain from numerous experts including Dr. Sol. (page Life 1)
Gazette Telegraph
Colorado Springs, CO
  Springs Doctor Found Chaos Amid Quake-Ruined Armenia (Front Page Headline Story)
December 28, 1988 Dr. Sol recounts his experiences as a member of a team of Colorado Physicians who went on a rescue mission to Soviet Armenia shortly after the earthquake.
Gazette Telegraph
Colorado Springs, CO