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Electro-Neuromuscular Therapy
What is MicroVas Therapy?
MicroVas therapy is the most advanced form of ionic impulse therapy on the market today. Unlike other forms of electrical stimulation which penetrate only a fraction of an inch and have both positive and negative electrodes on the same surface, MicroVas therapy treatments pass completely through the limb or body area under treatment. The emitter pads are always 180 degrees from each other and are usually placed in multiples to treat an entire limb or body area. The emitter pads reverse polarity prior to each impulse resulting in an alternating directional pulse. This provides unrivaled tissue penetration especially in the extremities.  
How does Microvas Therapy Work

By using a digital current source to stimulate neuromuscular contractions that drive the venous muscle pumps, MicroVas therapy improves blood flow and tissue oxygenation, which in turn helps stimulate angiogenesis (a healing and rebuilding mechanism) within the body. MicroVas stimulates nerves, muscles and all 3 branches of circulation (arterial, venous & lymphatic).

Is MicroVas Therapy New?

The technology was developed between 1988 1989 by US military laboratories to treat hypothermia in Navy Seals. As its use expanded, the health benefits of MicroVas therapy became applicable to an ever expanding list of indications.

What are the health benefits of MicroVas Therapy?
1. Increased Circulation: MicroVascular therapy immediately and dramatically increases blood flow which perfuses the capillary beds and elevates tissue oxygenation, aids in fibroblast proliferation and collagen formation, upregulates platelet derived growth factors and boosts transcapillary exchange of nutrients.
2. Involuntary Exercise: Retrains and rebuilds muscle, aids in restoring flexion, range of motion and strength. Elevates metabolism and production of local metabolites.
3. Lymphatic Drainage: Boosts lymphatic drainage from 10-fold to 30-fold, which relieves swelling and inflammation, decompresses nerves in constricted spaces and boosts the body's immune responses.
4. Pain Management: Palliative effects of MicroVas therapy include the blocking of neurological transmission of pain signals and stimulation of endorphins
How is MicroVas administered?
Each MicroVas treatment lasts 45 minutes and is administered twice weekly in 4 week intervals. After each 4 week interval, Dr. Sol will evaluate your response to therapy.
Who would benefit most from MicroVas Therapy?
The list of insurance covered indications is long. Use the link to the right to review indications for MicroVas Therapy.
What are the contraindications to MicroVas Therapy?
1. Implanted cardiac pacemaker
2. Implanted cardiac defibrillator
3. Recent unstable or untreated stroke
4. History of melanoma
5. Active bleeding disorders
6. Deep venous thrombosis
7. Currently pregnant

Dr. Sol is Board Certifed in Foot & Ankle Surgery by The American Board of Podiatric Surgery.
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