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News Of Interest
Dr. Sol elected to Colorado Foot & Ankle Society Board of Directors October 2010
Congratulations Dr. Sol. Leadership Program of the Rockies Class of 2007
Dr. Sol elected to be Delegate at both State and 5th Congressional Republican Assemblies 2006.

Dr. Sol earned his MBA in Health Administration from the University of Colorado-Denver in July 2004. Congratulations!!!

Dr. Sol has been appointed the Official Podiatrist of the Colorado Springs Sky Sox. The Walking Clinic staff are looking forward to caring for the podiatric needs of the entire organization. Good luck, Sky Sox. We're looking forward to a winning season!
Dr. Sol is invited to join Mensa in November 2003.....congratulations !
Dr. Sol lectured at Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon on September 18, 2002. He was invited by the director of the Nike Sport Research Lab and he delivered his presentations to biomechanists, shoe developers and shoe designers. For details, see Past Lectures under About Dr. Sol.
GAITLAB® has finally been patented. The way you walk truly does equal the way you feel....the US Patent Office agrees that GAITLAB® is so unique that it deserves its own patent. Congratulations Dr. Sol. Learn more about GAITLAB® under SERVICES.
The OSSATRON® has come to Colorado Springs and Dr. Sol is among the first to become certified. The FDA says this revolutionary new treatment for heel pain is both safe and effective. If you've had heel pain for at least 6 months and other treatments have failed, you may be a candidate for the OSSATRON®. Call us at 719-635-7700 to learn more.
Dr. Sol and The Walking Clinic are in the news. See what they're saying about us in Esquire Magazine, and Podiatry Products. See In The News.
Functional Medicine™ is a unique approach to your musculo-skeletal complaints. It's about movement, activity and participation. At The Walking Clinic we're getting people back on their feet and keeping them there. Remember, asymmetric gait is a repetitive motion injury involving the feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips, pelvis, spine, neck and shoulders. How you walk equals how you feel.
Normal human cadence is 90-120 steps each walking minute. That's 5400-7200 steps each walking hour. If you work in retail sales and you're standing and walking 6 hours of your 8 hour shift, your taking 32,400-43,200 steps at work each shift. That means your taking 162,000-216,000 steps each week. That means your taking 729,000-972,000 steps each month at work and that doesn't include what you do when you're not on the sales floor !!
Congratulations to Dr. Sol for being invited to lecture at the May 2001 World Podiatry Congress in Paris, France. He has been asked to talk about Fibromyalgia caused by asymmetric gait. For a complete listing of Dr. Sol's past lectures and his upcoming lecture schedule, see ABOUT DR. SOL.