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Corns and callouses are common complaints treated at The Walking Clinic. For the most part, they are the same thing....thickening of the skin in response to repeated pressure and rubbing. They are given different names according to where they occur.

For instance, when the lesion occurs under the big toe joint it is called a pinch callous.

When it occurs between the toes it is called a heloma molle (soft corn). These are especially painful but one of the simplest to correct permanently using an office based procedure under local anesthesia.

When they occur over an exposed portion of the digit they are called heloma durum (hard corn). This patient has an HD4 and HD5. These are usually quite painful but can easily be corrected permanently using an office based procedure under local anesthesia.

When the lesion occurs at the end of a digit it is called a distal clavus. These can be very troublesome but are very amenable to permanent correction.

The lesions frequently form over a bony prominence. These lesions can usually be accomodated with custom insoles that relieve the direct pressure.

The callouses also frequently form over areas subjected to high mechanical stress like the corner of the heels. These lesions are prone to cracking and fissuring and becoming infected. Fortunately, they are easy to manage effectively

Dr. Sol is Board Certified in Foot & Ankle Surgery
The American Board of Podiatric Surgery

He cautions, "These lesions are not skin problems...they are mechanical problems. Fix the mechanical cause (pressure, rubbing, enlarged bone, etc) and the problem should go away for good."

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